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About Us

The Band was created in 1949 around New Ulm, Minnesota by a fellow named Bruno Randles, who helped arrange much of the original library.  It was "Bruno Randles & The Jolly Brewers".

Ernie Coopman joined the band on concertina in 1955, and in 1959 he bought the band from Bruno.  The band was "Ernie Coopman & His Jolly Brewers".  Ernie taught himself to read music and by 1960 he was writing his own band arrangements for trumpet, sax, etc.  He couldn't afford to buy arrangements.  Ernie continued to book out the band until 1967 when a shop accident injured his right hand.


The band sat dormant until 1998, when he sold it to Marvin "Cactus" Stoehr, also from Minnesota. "Cactus & The Jolly Brewers" recorded 4 albums.  Cactus was the drummer in the band.  Upon his passing in 2011, it was then sold to a fellow concertina player, Dale Dahmen.  Cactus had booked many gigs with this library and Dale only played 2 gigs in the 7 or so years he owned it. 


Jon Dietz bought the library from Dale in 2020, and we're proud to say "The Jolly Brewers" are back again!  Look for dates coming soon!  

Bruno RandleS & The Jolly Brewers

bruno randle jolly brewers 2.jpg
bruno randle jolly brewers.jpg
Jolly Brewers2.jpg

Ernie Coopman & his Jolly Brewers

Jolly Brewers1.jpg
Jolly Brewers3.jpg

Cactus & The Jolly Brewers

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